Your 'Must-Bring' Packing List for Peru - Don't Forget It!

What to Bring to Peru!

Packing for Peru in the Highlands

Peru can be a tricky destination to pack for. Being so geographically diverse, Peru presents travelers with the chance to experience the frigid airs of the Andean highlands and the beating sun of the coast in the same trip – and sometimes the same day!

If you’re planning to visit multiple destinations while in Peru, it’s essential to get your packing list for Peru organized. While much will depend on which season you’ll be visiting (don’t forget seasons are reversed from the Northern Hemisphere!), there are some tips that apply year-round.

With your arrival into Lima, you can expect anything from toasty, sunny temperatures to the famous cool, foggy skies. Peru’s capital stays more temperate than other coastal areas with high temperatures averaging between 67 ° - 82 ° F. But in the coasts outside Lima like Paracas and Mancora, you’ll feel the sun much more.

Contrast that to the Highlands of Peru near Cusco where average high temperatures can average from 58° - 66 ° F. However, temperatures in the Highlands drop at night down below freezing during many nights averaging between 27 ° - 40 ° F.

If your travels are taking you to the jungle, a whole other adventure awaits. In Iquitos and Puerto Maldonado humidity becomes the huge factor, and there really is no temperature relief at night. High temperatures in the Amazon range only slightly between 85° - 90 ° F.

This endless variety means you packing list for Peru needs to be based on layers – especially if you plan to do some trekking. Here is our advice for a comprehensive Peru travel packing list ---

General Packing List for Every Peru Destination

  • Passport (and one copy), Credit Card (without foreign transaction fees)

  • Small amount of cash ($300 - $500) – For tips, cash only places, taxi, etc.

  • Travel Insurance Information

  • Refillable Water Bottle

  • Sun Glasses & Hat

  • Compact Spanish Phrase Book

  • Important Toiletries for a Country Near the Equator (Sunscreen, Lip Balm, Bug Repellant)