Monastery Space for your Group in Cusco

Dargui Tours recently had the opportunity to travel to Cusco to meet with tour operators, hotel partners, and went in search of new experiences and sites. It's a treat every time we have the opportunity to go to Cusco because the city is absolutely filled with history and culture around every corner. From museums to hotels to local markets to Inca ruins, there is a reason why Cusco has been destination number one for visitors to Peru for decades.

One of the best finds Dargui came across is a perfect space for our group & Destination Management clients visiting Peru. Sandwiched between the well-known hotels of Hotel Monasterio & Palacio Nazarenas is a mini-cathedral adorned with Spanish relics and religious symbols. But the best news is that this space is no ordinary working church -- it's currently open for group services of all types. And the only way to fully understand it is to see it.

See our video below, and visit or page at to learn more about bringing your group to Lima and Peru. Stay tuned for more about your recent visit to Cusco and some of Dargui Tours favorite find for both leisure travel and group travel in Peru.

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