5 Best Restaurants in Lima for Unforgettable Gastronomy

You've heard the expression, *You get what you pay for.' However, sometimes nothing could be further from the truth when it comes to the gastronomic scene in Lima. Good tastes for food in Lima exist in restaurants of all price points, and just because that fancy Miraflores restaurant offers a ceviche that's double the one next door, does not mean you'll get double the taste.

This isn't to say that you shouldn't be discerning in Lima about which restaurants to patron and which ones to avoid (there's no worse way than to start your Peruvian journey with a stomach bug),

But the gastronomic boom here, that has made Lima the culinary capital of the world, has meant that many recently-opened, high-end restaurants in Barranco, Miraflores, and San Isidro are oftentimes not worth the money you're spending. From high-end cocktails to small plates of ceviche to unremarkable lomo saltado, nothing's worse than a forgettable dining experience at a premium price.

But this list is about the Lima restaurants that do justify paying for that one special night out (though you should also check out our picks for Lima's best casual restaurants) . Part art, part delicious food, and 100% Chef creativity, here are our thoughts for the best restaurants in Lima, Peru for a Peruvian cuisine experience --

1. · Central Restaurante – The most famous and progressive restaurant in Lima, Central has been noted as one of the best restaurants in South America for years and was even featured on an

Dessert at Central in Lima

episode of the Netflix show Chef's Table. Chef Virgilio Martinez’s creative approach uses rarely used ingredients and flavors from throughout Peru’s jungle and Highlands. Chef Virgilio is constantly on the move throughout Peru looking for new ingredients and inspiration. for his endlessly changing menu. Instead of an a la carte menu, diners are presented with a tasting list that presents small plates in a series based on elevation to showcase Peru’s biodiversity. The ultimate Lima restaurant experience in gastronomy and art. You'll want to have a reservation for Central well in advance of your arrival to Lima. Progressive Peruvian Gastronomy. Reservations required. Calle Santa Isabel 376, Miraflores 15074.

One of the best restaurants in Lima - Maido

2. Maido – Now rivaling the fame of Central as being the best restaurant in Lima, Maido masters the delicious blend of Peruvian and Japanese flavors (a fusion that has deep roots in Lima gastronomy). The restaurant was just named the #2 restaurant in South America and is regarded for it’s Nikkei cuisine. Offering a tasting menu and a la carte options, flavors are fresh, light, and loaded with creativity. You’ll find everything from Dim Sum, to Japanese Ceviche, to the famous Maido sushi and beyond. Japanese / Peruvian Fusion. Reservations required. Calle San Martin 399, Miraflores 15074.

3. Amaz – The flavors of Lima meet the flavors of the Peruvian Amazon at Amaz. This fusion is

Amaz Offers is the best Amazonian Restaurant in Lima

difficult to find in Lima and, since opening it's doors only 4 years ago, Chef Pedro Miguel Schiaffino masters the blending of the coastal cuisine of Lima and the exotic flavors of the Amazon. Amaz offers a traditional type menu with plates like a vegetarian ceviche with plantains or a seafood wok with coconut milk and much more. Modern Amazon / Peruvian fusion. Reservations strongly recommended.. Av. la Paz 1079, Miraflores 15074.

Casa Hacienda Moreyra

4. Astrid y Gaston Known for bringing Peruvian cuisine to the world, Chef Gaston Acurio's food generally offers an elegant take on traditional Peruvian plates. However, Astrid y Gaston is slightly more experimental with dishes like a Lima Rabbit Curry, Tuna Steak with Black Quinoa, and a Lamb Tartare. The new location is as memorable as the food. Housed in the historical and palacial Casa Hacienda Moreyra, makes diners feel like Spanish royalty upon entrance. Astrid y Gaston features a traditional a la carte menu. Progressive Peruvian Gastronomy. Reservations strongly recommended. Av. Paz Soldan 290, San Isidro 15073.

5. Osaka This restaurant continues on with the love affair in the fusion between Peruvian and

Osaka is a good blend of Japanese fusion

Japanese gastronomy. Many well-known Lima chefs got their start here blending classic Peru flavors with complimentary Japanese ones. Plates like the Tiradito Shiromi, Amazonian Paiche Misoyaki, and a tasty dessert menu that showcases many Peruvian fruits are perfection on a plate. A traditional a la carte menu is offered, and last-minute reservations are very possible here. Japanese / Peruvian Fusion. Reservations strongly recommended. Avenida Felipe Pardo y Aliaga 660, San Isidro, 15073.

Tell us which places you feel make the cut for the best restaurants in Lima !

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