10 Best Restaurants in Lima, Peru for Casual Bites

Since Lima transformed itself into the culinary capital of South America, each year travelers commit the same mistake. Loaded with flavor at every marketplace and at every corner café, Lima has surprisingly fresh and delicious food everywhere and at every budget.

And those looking to taste a slice of Peruvian gastronomy tend to flock to Lima’s most expensive restaurants and overspend.

That’s not to say that a dinner reservation at Central or Maido shouldn’t be on your list during your time in Lima (in fact we recently highlighted our picks for best restaurants in Lima) or a Lima gastronomic tour. But Peruvian food has always been accessible, and by bypassing Lima’s more casual and humble restaurants, travelers here miss out on the full spectrum of Peruvian food.

Here at our Lima, Peru travel agency, our experience is that most travelers tend to be too cautious in branching out and trying casual Lima restaurants to really get a good range of authentic Peruvian food when in Lima. From tasting traditional Peruvian dishes (like lomo saltado, ceviche, and anticuchos), to trying different Peruvian sauces (like aji, huacatay sauce, and huancaina sauce), to sampling Peruvian fruits (like camu camu, mangos, and chirimoya), most tend to be too careful.

So in an effort to encourage more international visitors to try a range of restaurants, here are some of our choices for top Lima restaurants for enjoying Peruvian food in a casual atmosphere. Like most casual Peruvian restaurants in Lima, most of these locations won’t take your reservation so you’ll want to be prepared to wait your turn.

Siete Sopas

Soup in Peru has always been a humble staple of the grey winter season. Which

Siete Sopas is one of the best restaurants in Lima

makes Siete Sopas’ popularity as a restaurant that focuses on soups a strange phenomenon. You’ll almost never see Siete Sopas without a line outside it’s doors. But rest assured – the soup is mouth-watering and absolutely packed with flavor (you can wait for a table or takeout is always available). Some of the most well-known Peruvian soups featured on the menu include sopa criolla, patasca, and sancochado. Rest assured, there’s more on the menu than just soups but we frankly don’t think you’ll need anything else after a hot, steaming bowl of Peruvian goodness. Av. Arequipa 2394, Lince 15046

La Lucha

Peruvian sandwiches are a thing of beauty. With fresh-baked bread, thick cuts of meat, and a range of sauces, Peruvian sandwiches like the Butifarra, Pan con Asado, and the Pan con Lomita Ahumado are always a perfect option for a casual meal. And no one does it better than the Peruvian chain La Lucha. With a principle location right on Parque Kennedy in Miraflores, La Lucha always attracts a crowd especially at night. Service is casual and fast, but La Lucha does not scrimp on flavor. We recommend a lunch here at one of the many locations throughout Lima. Calle Mártir José