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HUANCAYO & Junin Region

Tours in Huancayo & Junin, Peru

In 1995, Dargui Tours opened operation on the Plaza Constitucion and has been a central operator of tours in Huayncayo, Peru and the Junin Region. Located in the Central Highlands, travel to Huancayo, Peru allows for quick access to the mountains and also the the central jungle cities of La Merced and Satipo.


It's a region far off of the tourist map for many visitors to Peru, but with hidden gems throughout the region. From the glaciated Huaytapallana trek, to a tour through the Ocopa Convent, and multiday tours of La Merced and coffee growing regions of the jungle, travel in the Junin Region will give you a taste of Peru off of the tourist circuit. 

Daily flights between Lima and the Jauja Airport, which sits 45 minutes from Huancayo, allow for quick travel to the Junin Region and access to the Central Jungle. Travelers can also arrive to Huancayo by bus or by the seasonal Huancayo train (Ferrocarril Central Andino) --  the second highest train route in the world. 

Because Huancayo is still off of the radar for most tourists, we highly suggest advanced arrangements for a tour in Huancayo. This is especially true for airport transportation from the Jauja Airport. Use our quote form below to get started. 


Dargui Tours offices can be found in 3 locations in Huancayo - 

 Plaza Constitucion - Next to the Cathedral

Real Plaza Mall - On the First Floor

 Open Plaza Mall - On the First Floor

Huancayo Peru tours of the city

Dargui Tours Services in Junin

Tickets for the Huancayo Train come available 10 times per year

Huancayo Train Package


Calling all train enthusiasts!  The Lima to Huancayo train, also known as the Ferrocarril Central Andino, has special dates for passenger travel each year. 

This is an experience not quickly forgotten. With breathtaking views along the second highest route for a passenger train in the world, it's not a train meant for the faint of heart. Typically offered about 10 times annually, with optional return via the train or via flight, this is travel made for those who don't mind slowing things down. Package includes --

Round Trip Train Tickets on the Huancyo Train (Optional Return)

 Day Touring Options in Huancayo (Optional) 

Three nights in Huancayo Hotel 

Hotel Transfers from Train Station to Hotel

Junin Jungle Package

Lying behind the Andes in the Junin is an incredibly under-visited region of Peru called the high jungle (or Selva Central). A great blend of countryside, culture, and coffee growing regions, it's a way to travel off-the-beaten path in a beautiful region of Peru. 

Be prepared for a cultural experience in the Selva Central. With optional visits to La Merced, San Ramon, Villa Rica, and Satipio, there's a wide variety of options here for who love intrepid travel. Package included - 

Round Trip Bus Tickets or Private Transportation

 Day Touring Options (Including Coffee Tours of Peru)

Three nights in Hotel 

Visits to La Merced, Peru and Villa Rica
The hike to Huatapallana is a favorite tour in Huancayo

Huaytapallana Trek 

One of the favorites of the region, the trek to Huatapallana is an full-day alpine hike up to the glaciated base of Huaytapallana -- the highest mountain in the Junion Region.


Treks leave from the Plaza de Consticucion and can be done in groups or as a private trek.  Please keep in mind that this is a high-altitude hike and acclimatization is encouraged at least one or two days in Huancayo before hiking.  This day tour in Huancayo Includes - 

Pickup & Dropoff from Huancayo

Transportation to & from Huaytapallana

Full Day Guiding Service (in Private or Shared) 

Boxed Lunch (optional) 

Archaeological Treasures of Junin

Archaeological ruins aren't only found in Cusco! This full-day journey will visit the archaeological ruins found throughout the Montaro Valley includoing the well-known Shapis of Huancayo and a tour to the pre-Inca Wari Willka Temple.


.  TourIncludes - 

Pickup & Dropoff from Huancayo

Transportation to Two Archaeological Sites, Shapis of Huancayo, and brief boat ride

Full Day Guiding Service (in Private or Shared) 

All Included Entrances 

Restaurant Lunch Service (near Cani Cruz)

Archaeological Sites in Huancayo
Peruvian Gourd Art in Huancayo

Best of MAntaro Valley

This full day journey to sites throughout the region will introduce you to the culture of the Mantaro Valley. Starting with highlights in and around Huancayo, the tour will then travel to the well-known 17th century Ocopa Convent and the famous trout farms of the Ingenio Valley. 


.  Tour Includes - 

Pickup & Dropoff from Huancayo

Transportation to Huancayo sites, Ocopa Convent, Ingenio Valley

Full Day Guiding Service (in Private or Shared) 

All Included Entrances 

Restaurant Lunch Service (in Ingenio)

Private Transportation

Dargui Tours organizes a host of private transportation in the Junin Region from airport transportation to Huancayo to multiday private drviers to different cities of the region. Transportation can include a translator or driver services only (with service in Spanish). 

Our transportation services include the following -- 

 From Jauja Airport to Huancayo 

From Bus Station to Huancayo 

Private Touring Services in the Montaro Valley 

Private Touring Services to the Jungle, Ayacucho, or Beyond 

Transportation from Jauja Airportto Huancayo