Dargui Tours?

We love travel in Peru and our nearly 30-year history goes to show our record of trust and dedication. We also love sharing the rich culture, geography, and food found in nearly every corner of the country with people from around the world. 


Since our founding in 1988, our owners knew that building relationships with both our clients and our partners throughout Peru would grow our network and opportunities to travel to parts of the country previously relatively unknown. Through these relationships, we are able to customize and personalize individual leisure travel throughout Peru. We are one of the few Peru Travel Agencies with 3 decades of history and a Peru Destination Management Co. (DMC)for those looking for bilingual destination management & group event management services. In addition, in Huancayo, Peru we are also a depended upon tour operator for those exploring the lesser known Junin Region of Peru's Highlands. 

What Makes Dargui Different? 


       We meet each of our clients upon arrival to Lima. A travel adviser will greet you at your hotel upon arrival with a welcome gift and an option for a prepaid phone. We like to orient our travelers to the differences you may experience during your travels here due to cultural differences. You'll be able to contact a travel adviser 24/7 while in Peru.


      We have nearly 30 years of history in Peru. Our leveraged relationships help us secure better rates and find better options for your journey throughout Peru. 

      We have both native Spanish & native English speakers on staff.  Our travel advisers speak both languages so we can get to know you in the language you feel most comfortable.  

      Our travel advisers always invite our clients to have a first conversation over video via Skype. We like to get to know our clients first and invite you to get to know your adviser. 

      We are secure. Our relationship with APAVIT (Association of Peruvian Tourism & Travel Agencies) goes back to 1988. Dargui has also been recognized by the Ministry of Tourism for "Recognition for Best Practices in Tourism." We are also IATA and Prom Peru accredited. 

Part of the Dargui Tours Team
Canyon near Huancayo Peru where Dargui operates tours in Junin