Dargui Tours – Terms and Conditions


Bookings & Payments (Individuals)


We accept confirmed bookings by email only with a deposit of 30% of the total Peru tour package or tour price per person and 100% deposit of total price for all airline and train reservations, which require full payment from transport companies. A deposit for the remaining full amount will then be due 30 days prior to your first day of services for 100% of the estimated total of services  Once we have received your booking details and the deposit payments, your confirmation will be sent to you. This includes -- detailed itinerary per day, pre-departure information, and a receipt for the payment received. Bookings confirmed within 30 days of services rendered, will need to be paid in full with the exception of certain day tours. If a confirmation payment is NOT received within 48 hours of making the booking then Dargui Tours reserves the right to cancel the booking.

Accepted forms of payment for any booked services, including complete Peru tour packages, include payment via wire transfer, cash, Western Union or with Visa, Mastercard or American Express. Please note that with Mastercard and American Express all information must be confirmed via telephone with your travel adviser and charges may take up to 2 weeks to process. Other Mastercard and American Express steps may also be required.   


All bookings must include the necessary information as listed below for each traveler (It is our clients’ responsibility to review that all information is correct)

  • Name (as written in your passport)

  • Passport number

  • Date of birth

  • Nationality

  • Home address

  • Home phone number

  • Emergency contact during services in Peru

  • Contact email


Dargui Tours is not responsible for erroneous data and any delays, cancellations or additional charges that may arise from incorrect information received by our travel advisers. If we are not also booking your international flights through Dargui Tours (recommended), to finalize your transfers we also need to know flight details.  Errors in bookings or incorrect information of arrivals or departures due to incorrect information sent, will be the responsibility and at the cost of the client. Needed information is below -

  • Arrival date & time

  • Flight Company & Number of Flight to Lima

  • Departure date & time

Payments & Bookings - DMC & Group Services


First consultations by Dargui Tours of DMC and Group Services are always complimentary, including your first calls of two (2) hours of cumulative time or first ten (10) consultation emails. Following this, if additional consultation is required by a planner before deciding to confirm services, a NON-REFUNDABLE deposit of $500.00 will be required by Dargui Tours that can be applied to group charges later if Dargui Tours’ services are contracted.

Bookings can only be finalized via email with a deposit of 30% at the time of booking DMC or Group Services of the estimated cost of services of the program. The remaining estimated balance of the program’s costs MUST be paid 30 days before arrival. A payment of 100% of total price for all airline and train reservations will be required at the time of booking, unless otherwise noted.  In the event that estimated cost of confirmed DMC  or Group Services exceed $50,000, at any time after initial deposit, an additional deposit will be required within seven (7) business days to reduce estimated balance to no more than $50,000.

Cancellation details are as follows for Dargui Tours’ DMC or Group Services –

  • Cancellations for DMC or Group confirmations made between the time of confirmation and 30 days prior to services will forfeit the FULL amount of deposit. Exceptions will apply for non-refundable airline tickets, train tickets, and special arrangements for certain venues and non-refundable entrance tickets.

  • Cancellations for DMC or Group confirmations made between 30 days before services will forfeit the full estimated amount of the program.

All payments for groups are to be made to the bank account of Dargui Tours with BCP in Peru via wire transfer. Payments can also be accepted via Visa, with a 3% additional charge, or via Mastercard or American Express, with a 4% additional charge. Note that additional payment steps will be required for payments made via Mastercard or American Express as required by each company.

Individual Package Rates

Rates for Peru tour packages are in USD and are per person. Rates are subject to changes without previous notification. All prices will be confirmed by email along with the final version of your travel program.

Additionally, hotel rates and airline rates can change daily. Once quoted, hotel and airline rates are set for that day only and Dargui Tours reserves the right to requote airlines or hotels at prevailing rates if a booking is requested on a following day.

Rates do not include

  • International Flights or Domestic Flights (available upon request)

  • Visa expenses

  • Gratuity

  • Additional services

  • Airport taxes & Luggage fees

  • Meals not outlined in your program

  • Travel Insurance – This is encouraged for all travelers


Reservations of flights

  • Reservations of international and domestic flights are subject to 100% payment upon confirmation

  • Cancellations of airline tickets follow the cancellation policies of the specific airline. In case of cancellation or flight changes, Dargui Tours will charge $30 for each ticket for administrative costs


Travel Adviser Consultation Fees

Dargui Tours’ Travel Advisers provide complimentary, personalized itinerary planning, destination advice, and information on Peruvian travel. However, if after consultation of more than two (2) full hour of cumulative call time or after five (5) emails with a travel adviser, a booking has not been confirmed, Dargui Tours will require a NON-REFUNDABLE $150.00 advisement fee that can be applied as a credit to your total charges if Dargui Tours’ services are contracted.  

Booking Last Minute – Within 30 days

Last minute package bookings can be accepted by Dargui Tours under the condition that hotels, trains, and tour routes may be altered. A full, non-refundable prepayment deposit will be required by Dargui Tours at the moment of a booking request to confirm any arrangements.  No reservations will be held until full deposit is received.


Dargui Tours will accept only written cancellations. E-mail your cancellation including your full name and dates of travel. If you do not receive a cancellation confirmation within 48 hours, please call our office to confirm reception of your cancellation. Your booking will not be considered cancelled until written confirmation is received.  Additional terms include -

  • Cancellations made between the time of booking and 60 days prior to arrival will forfeit 10% of the total rate. The principle exception for this is for Inca Trail programs which will forfeit 50% of the booking between time of booking and 90 days prior to arrival for permit costs. Additional exceptions also exist for specialty transport and tours, including for certain rail lines in which prevailing cancellation rates will apply. 

  • Cancellations made between 60 days and 30 days will forfeit 30% of total rate or full amount of initial booking deposit.

  • Cancellations made between 30 days before arrival and your arrival dates will forfeit the full amount of your travels including for those who no show for their bookings


Booking Changes

  • Changes to existing reservations within 60 days of arrival, which do not require full cancellation and rebooking, will incur a $50 administrative fee per person plus any additional supplier fees.

  • Name changes to airline and train reservations are subject to full cancellation and rebooking if required by policies of airline company or train company.


Airline Name Changes

  • Name changes, including spelling corrections, may require airline reservations to be cancelled and rebooked. Changed bookings are subject to current availability and pricing at the time of rebooking and specific airline penalties.

  • In addition to specific airline and ticket change charges, Dargui Tours charges USD $ 30.00 per ticket for administrative fees for each international ticket change and $15.00 per ticket for administrative fees for each domestic ticket change.


Travel Changes

Dargui Tours reserves the right to make changes to any itinerary or to cancel a trip if the safety of our Clients or Staff is at risk. In this case a refund of all unused payments will be made.


Travel Insurance
Dargui Tours does not provide any travel insurance. It is the client’s responsibility to obtain insurance before arrival to Peru. Recommended insurance includes personal accident, medical expenses, loss of personal effects, and any other expenses which may arise as a result of loss, damage, or injury to the client.


It is strongly recommended to include coverage in case you need to cancel or change your booking due to sickness, loss of employment, death of family member or other major personal disruption.


Dargui Tours is not affiliated with any insurers though Dargui clients have had success with the following companies for international travel protection –

  • Allianz Global

  • John Hancock

  • Travelex

  • HTH Worldwide.


Please consult with an insurer directly for a full quote.

Welcome by Travel Adviser


A Dargui Tours travel adviser will plan to meet you on your first evening in Lima only, if prior to 10pm, or following morning to greet you and welcome you to Peru. We will also give you an orientation and outline of your travel program that will last between 15 and 30 minutes. We will also deliver a personal welcome gift to each paying client of Dargui Tours, based on availability. A personalized welcome greeting, with welcome gift, at your hotel is only offered for program of 4 days or more.

To arrange a time for a personalized welcome, please plan to agree on a date and time at least 7 days prior to arrival. If not arranged at least 7 days prior with your travel adviser, we may be unable to accommodate a personalized welcome.

Prepaid Phone During Travels

Dargui Tours will offer each of our clients who have booked a program with us of 4 days or more an option for a prepaid Peruvian phone to reach our travel advisers in the event of questions or emergencies. A deposit of $50 per phone will be required per telephone.

Limited Responsibility

Dargui Tours is not responsible for expenses caused by loss, theft, injury, damage, accident, malfunctions, delays or any other unforeseen events. Please note that itineraries are subject to change or cancellation due to unforeseen and unusual events beyond the company’s control including weather conditions, flight delays, transport issues, or political unrest.

We will do our best in these circumstances to re-accommodate you. All such losses or expenses will be the responsibility of the client, and travel insurance is strongly encouraged to cover losses due to aforementioned events and circumstances.  

Exchanging Money  

On arrival in Peru it is a good idea to exchange American dollars to Peruvian “soles”. Although most places accept both US dollars and soles it is better to have a local currency. It is also important to know that in most money exchanges do not accept even the slightest damaged or marked US dollar bills. Please consult your travel adviser about where to change money.

Health Advisory 


Many destinations in the Peruvian highlands are at 3,000 meters or higher. Most treks require medium to high-level of physical activity. Participants should be fit and in good condition to participate in treks longer than ½ day in highland locations. Dargui Tours recommends consulting your physician before trekking at high elevations and also encourages consulting a physician if you have any doubt about your physical condition prior to spending any leisure time at high elevations.

Emergencies in Peru

In cases of emergencies after hours for delayed or canceled flights or missed transfers or other issues which seriously interrupt itineraries, please call immediately to Brian Bultema or Sandra Guido who keep an after-hours phone line at +51 922 178 833 or +51 922 178 706.